DURAPATIO, an OTA World LLC company, guarantees to the original buyer (referred to as the "Purchaser") that DURAPATIO® furniture will be free from material defects and will not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot, or suffer structural damage from insect infestation, under normal use and service conditions, for a period of twenty (20) years for residential use from the purchase date, unless otherwise specified below. For residential use, the welds and joints of the metal frames are warranted to not break or crack for five (5) years, while the powder coat finish is warranted to not peel for five (5) years. Additionally, the hardware used in the production or assembly of DURAPATIO furniture is warranted to not break for five (5) years of residential use.


The DURAPATIO limited residential warranty specifically excludes the following items. DURAPATIO will not be responsible for any failure, defect, or damage that arises from or is related to the following:

  • Fading, color change, or color match issues: DURAPATIO lumber is produced with UV-stabilizers to minimize fading. However, exposure to the sun will cause all colors to fade to some degree. To minimize potential fading, customers can keep the product covered, use cushions when appropriate, reduce direct sunlight by storing the product when not in use, or apply a UVprotectant.
  • Variance in color or pattern between new replacement sections or pieces and other sections or pieces.
  • Rust or corrosion of stainless steel or zinc coated steel hardware.
  • Rust or corrosion of steel frames.
  • Any handling or assembly of products after they leave the factory, including any poor performance or incorrect performance by the dealer or assembler.
  • Unusual use of products.
  • Any costs related to labor, transportation, or assembly after delivery.
  • Damage caused by misuse, intentional acts, unreasonable use, physical abuse, permanent deformation or destruction by humans or animals, vandalism, riot, insurrection or civil disorder,accidents, corrosive atmospheres (such as those contaminated by acid rain, harmful chemicals or vapors), acts of God (such as fire, flooding, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, lightning, ice, etc.), environmental conditions (such as air pollution, mold, mildew, etc.), staining from foreign substances (such as dirt, grease, oil, etc.), or normal weathering (defined as exposure to sunlight, weather and atmosphere which may cause any colored surface to gradually fade, darken, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains).
  • Assembly of hardware or accessory items, or any defects caused by their assembly.

DURAPATIO reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product line or color without informing the Purchaser. If the original product is unavailable, DURAPATIO may choose to provide replacement material of equivalent quality or value. No individual or entity is authorized by DURAPATIO to make any statements or representations about the quality or performance of DURAPATIO products apart from those contained in this warranty. This warranty cannot be changed or amended except in a written agreement signed by DURAPATIO and the Purchaser. DURAPATIO will not be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether in contract, tort (including negligence and strict liability), or otherwise, and DURAPATIO's responsibility for defective products will not exceed the replacement of such products or return of the purchase price, as described above. In some states, exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages are not allowed, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you.

This warranty provides you with specific legal rights, and you may have additional rights that differ from state to state. This warranty is only valid and enforceable in the United States of America and Canada. Adequate maintenance of your product is necessary to uphold the benefits of this warranty. Any indication of abuse or neglect to the furniture will void this warranty. This warranty does not extend to the ordinary wear and tear effects on DURAPATIO products that occur as a result of their regular use. This warranty is valid for products bought on or after 4/1/2023.